Premium Cannabis Flower

VIOLA is a premium cannabis brand with the largest Black-owned cannabis footprint in the industry, rooted in building social equity for the black and brown communities.

By elevating the plant, purpose and people to reclaim the narrative, we tip the scale by increasing black ownership and opportunities within the cannabis industry.

One Flower at a Time

With over 10 years of experience growing premium flower and producing award-winning extracts, Viola offers a wide variety of strains and products across five states and throughout Canada.

One Community at a Time

VIOLA STL is the centerpiece that represents the culture, camraderie, and care that cannabis delivers for all.

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  • Viola Cares

    The Viola Cares program focuses on community engagement and support, working with local and national organizations committed to reinvesting into communities in which they operate. Viola Cares focuses on providing immediate resources for people in need of support, shaping local cannabis industry policy, social justice reform, expungement, and successful reentry into society.

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  • Viola Build

    Viola extends resources within its network to brands accepted to this program. Al Harrington and Viola's executive team to provide operational support, including sales, marketing, and fundraising resources to Viola Accelerator partners. The ultimate goal of the accelerator program is to create 100 Black millionaires within cannabis, successfully propelling small businesses forward within the ultra-competitive cannabis space.

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